Why hire a wedding planner?


When it comes to planning a wedding, couples fall into many categories, from “I have no idea what I’m doing” to “I think that I can plan weddings for a living.” But, no matter where you fall, hiring a planner is always a good idea. In fact, if you choose your planner wisely, it can actually end up saving you both stress and money.


Here are just a few ways that an experienced wedding planner with strong connections in the industry can help.



1. Planners can stretch and protect your budget

Knowledgeable Wedding Planners can stretch your budget – and go farther with less – by helping you spend on items that will have more impact, rather than spending money on insignificant – but pricey – items. Planners will also review contracts to check for liability coverage, making sure that you are protected and do not incur unexpected costs on the day of your wedding.  



2. Planners know your wedding vision and keep everything on track  

Your Wedding Planner is by your side throughout the entire wedding planning process: they know your vision, and will work to design that vision for you, no matter what. They are your partner, and you can depend on them to be your advocate. Should issues arise, a Wedding Planner is focused on creating solutions and actively solving issues, and will tackle the challenges to make sure that your dream comes true.



3. Planners can keep things stress-free  

Your Wedding Planner will iron out last-minute details with all of your vendors, and they will also handle issues and manage your event setup. They aren’t afraid to wrangle the wedding party so that everyone is prompt and understands their roles in the rehearsal, the ceremony, and throughout photos and other wedding party obligations. All you have to do is show up on the day of your wedding and have fun getting ready with your friends and family.



4. Planners can save you money

Planners know what everything costs from vendor services to furniture rentals, and can negotiate with your vendors and caterer to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck.



5. Wedding Planners use their relationships to protect your day  

Wedding Planners wield a huge amount of influence in the industry because they are the connection between couples and vendors. Planners are also repeat customers when they return to vendors for each new wedding, so the vendors aim to please the Wedding Planners in the hopes of garnering that return business. If flowers arrive to an event and they are wilted, a Wedding Planner will turn them away. If a cake is melted or leaning, a Wedding Planner will ensure that it is fixed. If lighting is not strong or the proper color scheme is not shown, a Wedding Planner will ask for extra lighting and ensures that the couple is not charged for it. Wedding Planners use their industry relationships to protect your day.



6. Experience counts

With experience comes wisdom. Planners learn something new at every event, and become familiar with the rules and regulations of venues. They are also highly familiar with working with other vendors: which vendors are easy to work with, which are well respected, and which to avoid. Hiring a seasoned Wedding Planner will ensure that your event goes off without a hitch.

Most Wedding Planners offer several packages from full planning to day of service only. Depending on your needs, wants, and budget, you can choose the option that works for you. Always research planners and meet with them in person to see if there is a connection. After all: during and even after your wedding day, they will be your right hand woman (or man) for the most important day of your life. They are with you before, during, and afterwards.  In most instances, a life-long working relationship with your Wedding Planner turns into a life-long friendship.  Wonderful Weddings & Events has been in business for 27 years, and we can attest to this continued bond with our couples!



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